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Of Women....

Category: By Homer Simpson!

Please take note of the fact that before jumping to conclusions like...I am a feminist /anti-feminist/hypocrite...BLAH BLAH ...have enough patience to withstand the whole post.

Single men, by heart it. Married men, bookmark this.

This is not about "generalizations", but "observations" which I have jotted down and scribbled over the past.The inspiration behind these observations and me writing this is simple; I'm probing to see more happy duo's around - simple. And probably that’s why I keep asking them to give time to their relationships and not hurry! I am not being partial in here - I am just sorting out what I have seen , what I've observed with the married couples around, and if anything major,they have gone from strength to strength. Maybe someone is racing towards the perfection of "soul mate" in a hurry =P - and the feeling is Amazing!

Women are intuitive. They're sensitive creatures, caring souls, and they're "smart". More smart than all of us assume them to be. They're more aware of how you behave than you are about yourself. BTW the "women" in the previous sentence is in no way pointing to those stupid souls and those You Know what I mean....Women always race from a head start in conversation. So while you're planning what to throw next, they are done with the convo and ready for some next shyt. And yeah come to conclusions! Sometimes they hit the bull’s eye and sometimes just fail to make a mark.

Women are to be cached. Doesn't matter who she is - mom, daughter, sis, colleague, girlfriend, wife - Treasure them and if you cant then learn it. This means to chersih them, understand them, be friends with them, this means kick your ego and love 'em. Once I read: "Observe the way a man treats his mum and you will know almost everything you need to know about 'em". I talk to my mom every day...We laugh out, We joke around, We fight lol, We talk about good stuff, and there isn’t a thing in this world I wouldn’t do if it was for her - w/o her I wouldn’t be the man my to-be-wife will respect....Although the chances are slim for her to respect me *lmao*. Women value communication - that’s why they live longer - they communicate all the time, they express themselves, they let their emotions out rather than in. Someone somewhere said : “A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon”. There’s no point saying that guys cant multi task - I mean if they can do it, why cant you? If you're no good at it, learn it. Period

Know what women value. They value time. It took me years to work it out - but I'm glad I did.

My mom values security and family - which is why we communicate and talk everyday. Know what she values? Don’t guess, just ask her. What does this value mean to her? How do you know when the value has being attained? And the answers won’t be delayed! And will be to your utmost satisfaction. Deep down, she's a patient creature. She does think about your best interest at heart - even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that way - it doesn’t seem that way because my own ego, my own pride, my own complexes are in the way, hindering from me seeing how much she wants to help me. The day you find your mom in your girlfriend, will be the day you reach that place where you would want to marry her. And sometimes you have to settle for near perfect things. *lmao*

Women need confidence in a man. They don’t really mind if you are wrong or right, but they want confidence in what you do in what you think. Your confidence multiplies her confidence. Sometimes all she wants from you is four simple words not those regular three :P.."I Believe in You!".

Women ask for men who are decisive creatures. It doesn't how decisive/indecisive a woman is, she will never want/respect an indecisive man, never. She'd rather want you to be decisive, make a decision, argue about it and move on than have a brittle-willed, indecisive bowl of idiota jelly called "My-Man".

Try to make out the what's and the why's. Or what she says/does what she wants.She dislikes somthing about you! ? Why!? What started it? This ain't no interrogation; this is your effort to understand her. Time is what she values - this means you have to be punctual!, it means you must learn to be efficient, it means you learn to multi task, it means that you move your commitments/appointments around to spend time with her for some time - all from attaining this value. Yeah Multi-tasking.

And yes in case you see a women not wanting to talk to you or for that matter not living up to your expectations just think of the fact that there is someone out there getting all that importance from her =P. And maybe you don’t deserve that importance. Its better to move on than bad mouthing her and bitching about her! Yea these people need to get a life. A girl who is not approachable for you is maybe just about perfect for someone else. So stay away from bitching and instead get to work! And yea just to top it up…The last time I was made to think that an Eunuch is superior to a man when I saw a man slapping a woman. So guys take note of this and don’t force me to compare you with……And then I start running my mind on those weird tracks:P .Cheers!

This is kindaa the stuff which I got to know of "Women" over these years.

PS: There maybe a few exceptions to the above! And this maybe a Bolt out of the Blue sky for the people who personally know me =P