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Moments of Bittersweet Love.....

By Homer Simpson!
Moments of Bittersweet Love....

Outlandish feeling launches w/o precision
speeds with purpose, ends with decision,
A hushed moment between turn-back & go-ahead
Giving way to love/lust/mushiness/ego or just hatred
And then you; are being asked to judge, think and decide
More often than not; the mere lunatic emotions that preside
Giving way to "The Options" not one, not two, but a whopping many
Just seconds to spare and then those years to linger with content/agony
Options at all…

You were standing alone & you were torn
Into impotent and strong, right and wrong,
Yes and No. And deep into your priceless plague
And you recall and remember the err-y dialogue.
You can make it up and quote the emotion and the intuition
Word for word and as if your souls are combining in fusion
Does it matter whether you can map in detail, think and you can refrain?
the geographies of regret. It doesn’t. Never will. Not at all. Its All in vain.
Moment so small…

It starts with a hope and ends with a turn
The priorities keep merging as in a fern
In the stomach, a budding cringe at the excuse
The "shituation", the instance & the violent muse
You make for yourself, the other and your lovesrtuck heart;
A momentary forever, and then you will remember the drat
on alternate days over coffee, novels, cigarettes, friends and mild regret
Making sure, bittersweet memories drip in your mind like water in a garret
Just..Just that smell.

Could have ignored the intuitions&vibes
Answered that message for both the life’s
Said no, Said yes, Said nothing , Ignored or Smiled
The anticipation, the fondness, love & the stress piled.
Coz if we don't, we are corpses driven to animation by empty desire.
And by the time the moment ends. Shit.Sorry. Its over and we are there
In way, too deep, way too fast, wondering why there's no rewind button for the soul,
no second chance for the petty player, no back-up plan, and then deep into the sinkhole.
Yeah. All at once.

PS: I preclude myself from not giving this a closed end :)


On Mother's Day....

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Mothers, because they are the best ever.

To you I owe my existence and all my success.
Every thing's for you. Each rupee, every pence
You are the reason I walk, I talk, I think, I see,
You were A mother the second time when I came
And I was the child that I will always want to be
Your extreme parsimony which still amazes me
Parsimony not in love but in hatred and disgust

You blew away my mistakes, all as a puff of smoke
Me being incorrigible, but never found lack of love
The invaluable time you spent on me as a mother
I never aim to pay it back 'cause I never will be able to
Those priceless tears, the never failing love and devotion
They were never unnoticed. I admire you. I love you.
You adopted my fears, healed pain and wiped my tears
To me you are the bible of forgiveness. Big and small

Couldn't have asked for more generousness from you
Can never pay you back. Neither I'm capable, nor will I try
To this ordinary child who wouldn't even love you back
The warmth you gave, the way no one ever did and will
The huge sacrifice when you quit on those small things
Those elements of happiness all which you deserved
You are my teacher, my Idol, my encourager, my strength
I wish to shower millions to stop every tear that rolls down

With numb eyes when I look at you thinking about the care
The enduring patience, the treasure of wisdom, my cushion.
Being with you for all these years. Those afternoons in your lap
I will miss this when I go away. When you set me free from you
When you set me free to chase my dreams. You thought twice
First for me and then for the rest of them. Never for yourself
I wish you, A Happy Mothers day to express my love back
Which at maximum is little compared to your motherly love.

I read this somewhere: "A mother is a women who pretends like she never was fond of the pie when there are only 4 pie's for 5 people."