Cherry Flavoured Antacids
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Monsieur Kiss....Collision Kiss.

By Homer Simpson!

For those who live their lives trying to defend lies. You wake up in the morning just to see the people around you happy. You defend their lies. You hide the truth. You only deceive yourself.No one else.

He answers to nobody
No one's divine enough to have him
Abhorrent enough for you to like him.
Cruel enough for god to take him back.
He walked out on their ancestry of lies
People ain't this rotten scratch enough
Listen up close. Don't be mad. Don't dare.
You make it. I break the fucking glass wall
You ain't trying hard enough. I can sense it.

Don't you know? Who? Who the hell I am?
My name is Collision Kiss, I let them erode my mind.
My name is Collision Kiss, You had your emotions mislead.
So kiss this finger love, Paint it on your lifeless soul
Have it your bloody way. I'll have it mine. Peace out.
I kept you lies. I dealt with them. And then 'twas ugly.
My lies were sacrificial. The truth was superficial.
The lies, the mere excuses never blend and brew with life

Don't you love the way life falls down hard around your ears
Takes you deep. Brings you back.Don't you dig things when,
They leave you to smear. You lip that shtick to bedroom tears
Live on it. Smother it. Bury it. Let go. Conquer the mind.
I'll Bury that old gun. They'll dig it up one day you'll see
They'll shoot the metal into me. They'll unearth your old pack
Pack of lies. Use it in the murder and your soul in a meat-churner.
You will never be the same for me what you used to be. N-e-v-e-r.

My name is Collision Kiss, My last name is Bitter Kiss
My name is Collision Kiss, they sabotaged my inferior soul
A surreal taste on your tongue. The pain was sacrificial
Don't just tolerate me. Hell,dont rate me like a film
Your house of lies just crumbled like the deck of cards
Cards you dealt in disguise. I'm just a little out of sorts
But I'm not sorry. You don't please me. Neither you amuse.
Recall the Cock n Bull story. Listen: This hell boy answers..
He Answers to nobody.

PS: A collision boy is a guy who bumps into the other side of life more often than not. So "Collision Kiss" is derived from that.