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Obscured Radiance....

Category: , By Homer Simpson!

Diamond, he
shone in the
tears of ruby red
from the burnt and buried.
Metamorphosed; Turns

Dancer, he
drowned in the dark and
dressed in stark obsidian.
Juicy steaks of love and pride
bartered for a bit of glimmer.
But that won’t pilfer his shine away.
Even the charcoal like onyx, can

Admirer, she
opens her mouth slightly.
Lets it leave a lingering kiss
on the inside of her dry lips.
Texture, the feel of human skin.
The feel of the city; the feel
of soft salty wind. Salt like

Thieves, they
came to taste his light
and fumbled in his shadow.
He shimmered, refused to sparkle.
Amazed they were who strived and came to
see what might have been the symphony.
The flawless brilliance and the captivating

Lovers, they
came to stay alight,
waiting for a bit of bright,
expecting him to mesmerize them,
to rejuvenate their squandered love.
But instead his shine grew weaker;
         he could not be their gem.
That night- it won. It sneered.
Dark horse, be warned –
Even in the dark he

Shadow, she
shall not steal away,
his eager soul without mercy.
White noise. Harsh light. Slight nuance.
Soft as silk. Greyshine.
Its contexture- A work of art.
Dare you stay and glimpse; His,

Darkest diamond,
Beauty stark.

P.S: For quite some time I have been wanting to write something on the immaterial things. I know that I demand criticism and acquisitions when I say that a Diamond is immaterial. After all its just a smudge of Carbon. It's vain. This is what people resolve to when the affection isn't enough. I know that there is a counter-view to it which says that aren't all the luxuries in this world immaterial. I don't have an answer. Let me know if you have one..