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The Rendezvous

Category: , , By Homer Simpson!

Ye, the statue stands before my eye,
Blinded I was, I could not see.
Deafening silence is the only thing,
That separates thou from us.
Within this stone does thou heart beat?
Do thou yearn for passion like me?
I look thou, The Statue, next to me,
With the sense of compassion and knowingly...

One day, stone will split and thou shalt love me.
Crawl will thy heart. For me it shall crave.
Fool 'tis who carved thou the colossal of Love,
For thou to be wasted in this lackluster world.
Oh thy words art cold as Winter's smile,
which graces upon thy lips all this time,
And even though mine blood 'tis not pure,
Thy heart, ‘tis a celestial being for sure.

To love, to worship, to stretch these arms,
Way out of the furrow of thine eye.
To simply be, what I am. To simply be thine.
-Juliet, beau, slave, lover and thy woman.
Thoust speaks of heritage and blemishes upon thine skin,
But wherefore am I in all this? In thy world?
Shall I feel the shame for being acutely different?
Canst thou renounce this forge and come with me?

O what am I to thee, to the colossal nucleus?
Art thou mine master, what ties doth thou hold?
Canst thou be mine renunciation,these jagged wounds I bear?
Doth Cupid in winged armies, not find it whimsical,
To prick me with his arrow of love? Am I not worthy?
I shalt not love nor find in anyone's warm caresses;But you.

The gentle minx which brews. Am I to be alone?
Desolate and cast astray? Why canst thou love me?

The satue-Thine own self should thou love.
What hast thou done, 'tis playing with hands.
Spoiled I am,courtesy thine quest for perfection.
Like a ship set ashore went perambulating.
Thine wish to make love to boulders.
Thou wilt not pacify me with your anguish.
I canst ever know wherefore they do it.
I shalt remain a statue. I shalt remain a statue.
For ever.

PS: In continuation to my post Bouldered Love. Let me know if something needs to be corrected.