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Then. There. Now.

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The hush in your voice betrays you unconditionally,
When you say you're fine. Kind of fine. Just about.
I pretend to struggle, to not know, While I recall,

where have I heard that line. In agonized whispers?
And now, that puts me off. For I want you to be upfront.

Your ostentatiously bright saliva is dense and thicker,
than it usually is. As you wash it down your deep throat,
And slowly release a gust of wind right across my face
The same honeyed breeze which used to turn me on
And now, that puts me off. For I want words to make sense.

When you keep it inside and chew over it for days, barefaced.
And your tone is mushy but it pricks my ears relentlessly.
What your mind is going through and what tension it spells.
I watch patiently as you struggle to collect syllables. To talk.
And now, that puts me off. For I love the flawless you.

Then it finally builds up, To the inexorable epitome.
And you vent it on everything, that your eyes plant a kiss on.
Smile, you'll feel so much better. Believe, that you do matter.
On this winding life, upon which we tread, for whatever happens.
And now, that puts me off. For I crave for unconditional cuddles.

You thought I wouldn't care. And I will just pretend.
You thought I didn't care. Know that I'll hold you,
You thought I shouldn't care. And I'll be by your side.
To laugh and to listen. To whatever you may hide.
Lets begin from square one. From hence do you smile.
And now, It wont put me off. Never. Ever. I swear. To God.
Look Tender. Don't pretend for however long you need to,

For an hour,

A minute,

Or just a while...

PS: Contrary to popular belief, this is not for that someone special. I would like to say that for almost all my posts. But then... This is for everyone. I feel there is nothing more to it. And yes, this for the record doesn't have a negative result if I may say so.