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Dead before Death.

Category: , , By Homer Simpson!

Midnight climax lingers and furthers my appearance,
darkness blends and finally brings in the distance.
Silently, the echoes soar through the window pane.
The night of ethereal pain. Soul burns, invisible flame.
Obtusely, the darkness soothes me into exotic realms
I taste it, I feel it. And eventually my heart fuels.

Yet I prefer to leave it.

I turned my face away from the only light of day
Turned away from what I wanted and out of the right way.
Eclipsed into the darkness, of the night unfurled.
I'd fold my eyes and I'd back away from the cruel world.
An obnoxious world that furthers me away from the light.
She held out her hand and drove me further, into the night.

Yet I hide away from her.

I Sense and I hear the night savoring its tenderness.
My eyes yawned, only to see her unleash the warm caress.
My selfish thoughts undone. At once she snatched away my soul.
And my heart from me. Soulless mind. I reach out. Wheres my pistol?
In this overly empowering darkness, I know there is no light.
No excruciating fighting light within the darkness of the night

Yet I think, only when are we ever meant to be?

I feel, smell and inherit the bitter-sweet intoxication
It soothes me, burns me and holds me with such sensation.
My fruitless journey begins through this darkness within,
The power she has, of consuming light. I let the agony begin.
She alone can realize my dream, lead me to the light.
I'll escape the demons within. Escape the darkness of the night.

Yet I Can't remember the last time I saw my face.

Wolves vent their loneliness. And the dark one awakes.
Curled icy wisps of death shroud her. Her pale skin flakes.
With an everlasting agony. Her inky black hair cascades over,
her translucent ivory shoulders, God of night be her lover.
Her full deeply crimson lips part slightly, for me to taste,
the life streaming from the wine-like flesh and beneath, in haste.

And I still love her in the darkness where even the death may die.
It was a night of unreal life and love.
I remember her.
she be.

Ps: Nyx-> In Greek mythology, Nyx (Νύξ, Nox in Roman translation) was the primordial goddess of the night.